Welcome to the oldest and most accomplished topiary company in the world.

We have been involved in the most advanced and largest topiary projects in the world.

Our work have been "starring" many times at Rockefeller Center's channel gardens, Walt Disney World is beautifying their properties with our sphagnum moss baskets.

Trio of large dinosaur topiaries that were originally created for Rockefeller Center are now dazzling visitors at Epcot Center in the front of Energy Pavilion. ...And we could go on and on.

Topiary Art Works & Greenhouses, LLC
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9926 S 151 W
Clearwater, Kansas 67026
Phone 620-584-2366
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All of our products except life size figures are shipped via FedEx Ground.

Prices on this site do not include shipping charges.

Shipping charges for most products on our website are calculated based on one item only and if you order multiples of the same item the charges might show high amount. We will adjust all shipping charges to real charges where applicable when your order is being processed.

Life size and larger topiaries will be shipped via common carrier freight collect.

Frames only and stuffed only are shipped mounted to heavy duty wooden pallet and shrink wrapped.

Planted large topiaries are shipped in enclosed wooden crates also mounted on a heavy duty pallet.

The photographic product images on this web site may not exactly reflect the product. Design revisions and color variations may exist.
Email: topiary@sktc.net Phone: 800-355-3110