Dinosaur topiary

Dinosaur topiary
For almost century we have been creating variety of dinosaur topiaries.

We offer frame only, filled and stuffed with sphagnum moss and other growing medium or planted with variety of plants.

Our specialty is detail based on "realistic" drawing and sketches or models supplied by clients.

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Dinosaur topiary Dinosaur topiary
Dinosaur topiaryDinosaur topiary
Brontosaurus topiary
This brontosaurus topiary on display at Epcot Center for over 10 years was originaly made by us in 1986 for Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Over the years we have created large number of various dinosaur topiary for clients in USA and abroad.

Give us time and patience and we will make one for you no matter what size.
Email: topiary@sktc.net Phone: 800-355-3110