Life size topiaries

Life size topiaries
Topiary sculptures in any form.

1. Frame only. Metal frame hand and machine formed round steel bars and tubular reinforcements welded. Form is painted with the use of acrylic rust resistant coat. Powder coating available at extra cost.

2. Frame stuffed with sphagnum moss and if size permits filled with potting soil (peat moss based growers mix). To keep the sphagnum moss in place the form is wrapped with mono filament or steel high tension wire. Watering system installed.

3. Frame stuffed with sphagnum moss and planted with choice plants. Most commonly used is Ficus Repens (creeping fig) or English Ivy (wide assortment of family available). All planted topiary will grown to perfection in our greenhouse range and shipped crated.

We have many standard shop drawings and models that we follow but prefer drawings, pictures and models supplied by the client.

We will only produce high quality frames that will last for decades. We do not "cut corners" as many do.

Please consider this as a custom order. Production time minimum one month but varies on the scope of the project.

We prosecute infringements of our trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property.

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